2) Ovarian stimulation

A woman usually produces Eizellen - einfrieren - Follikelzyklus - Ovitaa single egg cell inside a follcle during a normal menstrual cycle.
In each menstrual cycle there are on average 10 follicles competing with each other for dominance. Only one follicle containining an ovum will continue to maturity while the others will stop growing and die. Due to ovarian stimulation, this cohort of follicles competing for dominance with each other can be "rescued".

Please do not worry, for ovarian stimulation is not associated with premature menopause in women. Only those egg cells are rescued, which would otherwise loose the battle for domination.
And every month this struggle starts from the beginning.

In order to induce the production of several mature follicles at a time, medication will be injected daily. You will be provided with an individual treatment schedule containing detailed instructions on ovarian stimulation.

Follicle growth will be regularly monitored by ultrasound.

In order to monitor follicle growth and find the best possible time for follicular puncture, we kindly ask you to undergo ultrasound examinations according to our instructions. The first ultrasound examination is supposed to be performed within the first days of ovarian stimulation. One or two follow-up ultrasound examinations might be necessary in the course of stimulation.

If the ultrasounds show that follicles respond satisfactorily to the treatment, egg retrieval (follicular puncture) will be scheduled. The last phase of follicle maturation will be induced by administering specific medication. Egg retrieval will be scheduled 36 hours following the administration and will take place at our center.

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